Spring issue of Cycling Fitness magazine on sale now!

Spring 2015 issue

The new look version of Cycling Fitness goes on sale Wednesday. It has been re-sized to a new smaller format, the same as Cycling Weekly, and the price has been lowered to £4.99.

A lot of work has gone in to giving the magazine a fresh new look and style and it will be packed full of the latest advice on fitness, nutrition and technique.  Cycling Fitness will feature the latest trends in products, training methods and superfoods, including tantalising recipes to freshen up your diet, as well as in-depth real-life case studies and the usual 12 week training plans for riders for every level.

Cycling Fitness magazine March-May 2015 issue is on sale from Wednesday at WHSmith, major supermarkets and all good newsagents, priced £4.99

What’s in this issue:

Ready to ride

Fitness news and products

Problem solver: Raynauds

New for 2015

Coaches- are they worth the cash?

Superfoods and performance

Pre-season MOT


Older & faster

Intro to intervals

Late starter’s catch-up

Importance of FTP


Food cravings: the truth

Food swaps to lower the calorie content of your diet

Nitrate: what’s it all about?

The great big breakfast debate

Do I need a nutritional specialist?


Time-saving stretches

Quick fixes to help you ride further

Doms: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Be more aero

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